C3: Collect

C3: Collect is a 2D exploration game made with the express intent to quickly complete a fully-polished game. Since it took 9~ months, we obviously failed in that endeavor. However, most of that can be blamed on myself, as I did not create content fast enough for a game that amounted to very little programming. But I think shipping a game at all is an achievement not many people can say they've done. So, for our first truly completed and "shipped" title, I am very proud of this game, even if it's nothing more than a Cat Planet clone.

The Scholar has tasked you with collecting the crystals scattered throughout the ruins beneath your home.
Explore the ruins and collect all of the crystals.
(Kongregate) (Google Play Store (Free)) (Blogpost) - Concept and design by myself. Responsible for all art and sound, as well as having input on design and implementation on a 2-man team.

Original Soundtrack

All composition, arrangement, production, programming, performance, recording, and mixing by myself.